Delhi as the capital of India, is one of the best cities to live in, in terms of facilities as well as educational opportunities. The presence of reputed, well-esteemed educational institutions,catering to all categories of subjects, be it humanities, technology,medicine or management, further enhances the prestige of Delhi which is already famous as a historical city besides a world class one.

Almost all the best educational institutions are present in Delhi. There are universities (9); colleges (78); management institutes (47); medical colleges (7); engineering colleges (7); computer institutes (78); higher secondary schools (314); preparatory schools (57) and other institutes (52), which is spread across this vast city. Smallwonder therefore, that it has become a seminal point of attraction for students and aspirants from four corners of India. That apart students even from countries like the United States, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc (find a detailed list at the bottom*) come to pursue their studies.

Another major factor which draws students from different parts of the country to  Delhi as compared  to other cities like Bangalore or Mumbai, is the cost of living in. Students' hostels or the paying guest accommodation system is cost effective in Delhi; they are to be found in vast numbers when compared to other metros. The ambience is fair if not excellent, and one can moderately adjust with the new environ. People are generally good and accommodative. As the saying goes, Dilliwalay, Dilwalay hotay hain (the people of Delhi are large hearted). It is not entirely baseless.

Leading institutions like Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal University, Delhi University, Indian Institute of Technology, All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Institute of Mass Communication have acquired international status. Students who have passed out of these institutes have excelled in the professional fields and become authorities on their subjects.

We at the National Network of Education have given our best to bring all the educational institutions of the capital under single cover. This has not been an easy task. We have struggled days together to collect the vast information of nearly 700 educational institutions, their complete address, telephone numbers, names of the head of the institutions etc. It has been our endeavour to provide everything, possibly all information on almost all the educational institutions in Delhi.

It would be interesting to note that in terms of higher education, Delhi has a fairly long record of receiving students from various countries, who come here  to study various indigenous subjects like Fine Arts,Hindustani classical music (vocal/instrumental), Buddhist studies, Sanskrit and other Indian languages, Indian philosophy and so forth.  Foreign student from underdeveloped/ developing countries come here for higher studies in agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary sciences besides medical  and engineering.

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